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About us

Excellence and Endurance  

We strive to do our very best, each time.


We know that laying it all out on race day may hurt for a short time but the rewards will last forever. Putting in the work and getting a new PR is awesome.


Have a team help you get there is even better!

Team & Community

We represent North Mississippi. It takes all types of people to make a team and we are no different.


Although we love to race, we accept, compete with, and develop all types of endurance athletes.


New or experienced. Young or not so young. Families too, all are welcome!

Healthy Competitive Fun

We get out after it. We train for our goals.


We may even try to beat a teammate or our previous record. But what we don't do is get there at the expense of someone else.


We compete, but we do it together. The team concept is core to our mission statement.

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