Race Team

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Team Members

Sean Hilsdon

Ultra Runner, Triathlete, and Stud


Amanda Horrell

Jacked and Tan, Ultra Runner and Party Planning Committee Chair

Vice President

Sam Renfrow

Nine Toed Legend


Anthony Lane

NME Co-Founder

Age: 44

Sports: Ultra Runner, Road Runner and 10x Tough Mudder

Biggest Sporting Accomplishment: 50 Mile Race Finisher

PR: 50 Mile=8:25 (Tunnell Hill), 50k=5:29 (Sylamore), 25k=2:13 (Stanky Creek)

Goals: Continue having fun and stay athletic as I get older


Board Member

Ricky Sisco

Bike Stud and Race Event Coordinator

Board Member

Von Ralls

The Rev

April Cheung Hilsdon

Wilson Horrell

LHRL Ninja


Drew Womack


Mark Fortune

Kevin Byrd

Amy McCrory

Greg Perry

Victoria Vance

Jeff Sullivan

Lori Sullivan

Brian Swanson

Chris Miller

Dawn Stambaugh

Keith Snyder

Stephen Whatley

Kathy Owens

Gary Owens

Donnie Chambliss

Reese Sisco


Lynn Aaron

Walker Burrow

Gavin May

Bridgette Warren

Michael Hirons

Dan Wolford

Petey Elliotte

Melisa Burgess

Rachel Macagni

Beth Little

Bubba Crowder

Staci Thomas

Hollie Trim

Cameron Thomas

Theresa Dawson


Stacey Kitchens

TJ Bateman

Joy Bateman

Debbie Lindsey

Greg Russell

Fallynne Schlosser

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